Why Choose Us ?

WebHostingBali.com is offering a simple solution, affordable hosting,  a top of the line service, reliable and stable server. There are many more reasons why people in and out of Indonesia choose WebHostingBali.com as their business partner. We are providing you with everything that you need to build a website and we are using premier facilities to help your website to grow and develop in the midst of the competitive online service market.

There are many who are skeptical with our low-cost offer, they think less expensive means less service or poor quality, but that is not who we are. You can prove it yourself! We are the first hosting company to offer the “Try now, pay later” program. We have made other established companies jaws dropped. They couldn’t believe eyes. Our service, the quality of our server and stability are second to none!

Quick Access

WebHostingBali.com placed its server in the United States and guarantees your data security.  Having a server in the capital of the cyber traffic has its advantages. It will provide easy and fast domain access from anywhere in the world. (Most web-hosting providers placed their servers in Indonesia, resulting in slower access from outside of the country).

Budget friendly offers!

Hosting package starting from Rp. 50.000/month, and domain price of Rp. 110.000/ yr, makes WebHostingBali.com the least expensive option out there. WebHostingBali.com also accepts payment in Rupiah so our clients will not be affected by the fluctuating dollar value.

Simple Site Management

To ease your way of managing your website, WebHostingBali.com also provides a user friendly control panel. 

  • Cpanel for Linux hosting package

These features will help you :

  • Install  scripts in an instant
  • Create e-mail accounts and auto-responder
  • Create e-mail forwarding / POP3
  • Create mailing list
  • Change password
  • View visitor’s statistic
  • and many more



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