Terms and Conditions

To avoid any mix-up or anything that may cause disagreement in the future, WebHostingBali.com will create an agreement/contract with the client. This agreement/contract will be between WebHostingBali.com, which is located in Bali, west Java and its customers whom are the users of WebHostingBali.com service. Both parties will have to agree and abide the rules and the terms as follows:


WebHostingBali.com is a web-hosting and internet related service provider. WebHostingBali.com provides a 24-hour technical support on all its services.  Our technical support can be performed through e-mail, telephone, or visit to our customer. Technical support by chatting is only available during workdays and business hours. Our customer may use the software (CPanel) provided by WebHostingBali.com through the Internet by means of lease.  This will only take place after the customer successfully completed the registration form (e-form), select the type of service and features, and has received confirmation from WebHostingBali.com. Some of the general features guaranteed in WebHostingBali.com’s service are: control panel to manage your account, this include file manager, e-mail manager, sub-domain manager, install Web mail, etc.

The use of server

In using the server, WebHostingBali.com prohibits its customers from:

  • attempting to damage/ alter the content data and configuration other that those that were assigned to the customer.
  • Using WebHostingBali.com’s server to enter/damage/alter the content data and configuration of other server outside of WebHostingBali.com’s realm.
  • Producing/promoting/viewing pornographic content  (graphic or text) or any material that promote pornography.
  • Sending SPAM e-mail in great or small numbers, in form of news, product offers, promotional, and any other form that may be unwanted or undesirable by others.
  • Running any background process (program that runs continuously  in server) and daemon server such as bot IRC, rc5des, Java Chat Server, etc.
  • Running program excessively  (using a lot of memory and CPU time) that can cause instability in WebHostingBali.com server.
  • Activities and materials that violate the local laws and copyright laws. This includes, but not limited to: Illegal use of MP3 that go against the copyright laws,  copying other websites without permit, etc.

WebHostingBali.com holds the right to warn and stop any program auto-email programs (e-mail robots) that can interfere with the server and other customer’s activities.



WebHostingBali.com is not responsible for the customer’s website content. The customer is fully responsible for customer’s website content. WebHostingBali.com does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the customer’s website. WebHostingBali.com is not responsible for any outcome caused by customer’s website content. WebHostingBali.com is not responsible for data loss, cracking or defacement caused by the customer’s error or mistake. WebHostingBali.com will regularly issue warnings and advices to help protect customer’s security, however WebHostingBali.com is not responsible for anything that may happen on the customer’s website.

Technical Support

WebHostingBali.com is bound to provide any support service to the customer in connection to the customer’s account such as: changing of password, modification of file attributes, creating e-mail, customer’s server configuration. WebHostingBali.com does not provide any service that includes creating and debugging CGI/PHP script program belonging to the customer. The support service is available by telephone during workdays and business hours and 24-hour by e-mail.


WebHostingBali.com is required to give an advance notice (24-48 hours prior) by e-mail for events such as server restart, removal of server to a different data center, change of DNS, change of IP, and other important events.

Domain name

WebHostingBali.com holds the right to register a domain on behave of the customer upon the customer’s request. The customer should satisfy administration and payment processes for the domain, unless otherwise specified upon agreement.

The customer has ownership of the domain name registered. WebHostingBali.com is not responsible for any effects that the registered domain may cause. WebHostingBali.com only acts as third party agent in this registration process. WebHostingBali.com is not responsible for the website’s existence. WebHostingBali.com cannot be hold responsible for any problem to the website caused by customer’s error, interruption by hacker, problem to our main registrar in USA, or the revolution of the Internet around the world that is outside of our control, and therefore cannot be hold legally or financially responsible.

Loss and liability policy

You are agreed to make use of WebHostingBali.com service and facilities with understanding of all the possible risk that may incur. WebHostingBali.com cannot be held responsible for loss, including data loss and damages occur in using WebHostingBali.com facilities. WebHostingBali.com is unbound by any third party liability for loss suffered by the third party.


Customer is fully responsible for creating a backup for each web data. WebHostingBali.com is freed from any financial liability occurred caused by loss of data loss and monetary shortfall. Any backup created by WebHostingBali.com is merely for WebHostingBali.com internal use.


Customer is responsible to make payment for service rendered by WebHostingBali.com in time with payment method and amount of payment determined by WebHostingBali.com at the very latest 15 days from payment deadline by e-mail or other medium. If customer has not made any payment after the 15 days grace period, WebHostingBali.com holds the right to deactivate customer’s website without any advance notice. If non-payment reaches 45 days or more from payment deadline, WebHostingBali.com holds the right to remove customer’s data from the server without any further notice. Payment made to WebHostingBali.com cannot be refunded under any circumstance if the customer decides to withdraw from the contract.


WebHostingBali.com protects the personal information of its customers (source code from script that you do not want to share with others, database, or other directory home data that you would not like others to view)so it may not be accessible , unless the customer set his own preferences so that it may be accessible. WebHostingBali.com does not access the customer’s directory unless requested by the customer and WebHostingBali.com..com does not share any information with other parties unless required by law.


WebHostingBali.com holds its own right to cancel a contract if the customer does not follow and fulfill the guidelines and rules stated in the agreement. If the customer decided on his own to withdraw from the contract, then the customer does not have the right for a refund.

Change to Agreement

WebHostingBali.com holds the right to add addendum or make necessary changes to the contract as it sees fit without any prior notice to the customer.

Understanding of the terms

This contract is made using general terminology widely used in the Internet communication and computer, and has to be understood by both customer and WebHostingBali.com. WebHostingBali.com create this contract to make benefit of both parties, and that is to protect WebHostingBali.com from any unwanted activities and to ensure that the customer will receive the most optimum service available.

If the customer violate the terms and condition of the contract, then WebHostingBali.com has the right to warn the customer b e-mail, telephone, or fax and if the violation continues, WebHostingBali.com will stop the customer shared hosting account without prior notice and the customer does not have a right to a refund. If there is a serious offense , WebHostingBali.com will hold the customer liable and may ask for a fine for loss incurred in the offense, and it has to be paid in full.

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