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A website is one of media gives many kinds of information around us. And becoming popular website is not as easy as you may think. There are some factors to be considered when we try to create a website. Besides a unique domain name, you also need a creative and unique website design. The reason to be unique is that visitor would be interested in the website design and content, so they may remember and visit your website in the future.

Web Hosting Bali is a company tries to help people in their business. As a web-based business solution we offer you our best service. It may vary from web design, web development and internet marketing. Located in Bali, Indonesia, our team is mainly inspired from Balinese culture and environment.

Our motto in designing a website is creative, interactive, modern and user-friendly. In the design we made, we give many indulgence and comfort for you and your client. Creative messages and supporting imagery on the website will give you more credits in affecting your clients. 

On designing website, we give two kinds of service. First, our team will create your web design based on your business. Second, we give some web design templates if you want to make your web design yourself. But if you want to take our templates as your website design then there are some requirements included (see the details on ‘Terms and Conditions’).

Our Website Design Process

  • Visual Design
    • Brand Assessment & Strategy
    • Website User Interface Design
    • Online Advertising Asset Design
    • eMail Layout & Design
  • Interaction Design
    • Site Evaluation
    • Information Architecture
    • User Understanding
    • Streaming Media
    • Usability Testing
  • Copywritting
    • Promotional Copy
    • Original Website Content

Here are some very good books we recommend for web design :



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