Unix Web Hosting

UNIX web hosting and Linux hosting companies offer plans suitable for users who want UNIX and Linux web hosting features such as Perl Programming, PHP programming and MySQL database. UNIX web hosting and Linux web hosting are popularly known strong and reliable hosting solutions. Read our reviews and choose the hosting provider most suitable for you.

More about Unix Web Hosting

Unix Web site hosting is the most commonly used budget hosting platform today. Unix web hosts and Unix web hosting companies flourish with a various Unix web hosting plans. Linux web hosts and Linux web hosting companies are the same us Unix web hosts. The cheap web hosting industry has brought Unix web hosts to provide large amounts of space in their web hosting plans. They also have many installed features with Unix and Linux web hosting.

Unix is a popular multi-user, multitasking operating system. It was developed at Bell Labs in the late 1960s by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie. Since it was first introduced, UNIX and the UNIX family has grown into one of the most popular networking Operating Systems (OS) on the market. Bell Labs wanted an OS that could be written in a high level programming language instead of assembly yet remain simple in design and allow reusable code. This is exactly what Unix is known for. UNIX became the first open or standard operating system that could be improved or enhanced by anyone.

The popularity and power of Unix make it a favorite choice for Web Hosts. Additionally, there are no licensing fees and is also the most inexpensive operating system used on Web Servers. This makes it a very popular choice among Web Developers, many of whom learned Unix on the job or in college.

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