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Technical knowledge on hosting & domain.

  1. What is a domain transfer?
  2. How does transferring domain to WebHostingBali work?
  3. If I already have my own domain, what is the next step to subscribe a web hosting with WebHostingBali?
  4. If I’m experiencing technical problems, what technical support can I receive?
»  What are domain and hosting?
  Domain is the name of a website, such as,,, etc. Hosting is a place to store your files on the internet so your website can be accessed or viewed by other people around the world.
»  Can I subscribe to a domain without subscribing to a web hosting?
»  Will the domain I purchased be mine entirely? 
  Domain that we registered for you is legally yours, and you hold the rights to modify your website and its existence. WebHostingBali is not responsible for any modification that you made and any technical problem that is beyond repair caused by the modification. WebHostingBali only acts as domain registration agent.
»  Can I subscribe to a web hosting without subscribing to a domain?
  Yes. If you have previously owned a domain or considering of purchasing a domain through another company, You can simply direct the nameserver to: and
»  What does the word “unlimited” really mean?
  “Unlimited” means there is no restriction on how many times you can create or do something. One example is e-mail, we do not limit the number of e-mail account that you can create.
»  What is bandwidth?
  Bandwidth is a measure of how much data transfer used for one website page shown to its visitor from the web server. For example, one page = 50 Kilo bytes, and that page is visited by 200.000x in one day, so the total bandwidth use for that single day is or 10 Giga bytes.
»  Where is WebHostingBali’s server located?
  WebHostingBali’s server is located in the heart of internet traffic, in the United States. Being in the center of internet traffic, your domain will be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. Most web-hosting provider in Indonesia place their servers in Indonesia, which cause the domain to be very sluggish.
»  Is the space mentioned in the package includes the space for e-mail?
  Yes. The amount of space used for e-mail will affect the number hosting space that you ordered.
»  How long before my account be active?
  If there is no technical difficulty, your account will be active in just 5 minutes.
»  If I buy a domain from WebHostingBali, can I one day switch hosting company?
  Yes you can.  WebHostingBali does not limit its clients in choosing their web-hosting provider.
»  Once I signed up, is it possible to get an upgrade? Is there any additional cost?
  Yes it is possible. You only have to pay for the price of the package you wish to upgrade to. There is no additional setup fee.
»   Will WebHostingBali allow me to subscribe to web hosting to publish porn sites or illegal digital music download sites?
  WebHostingBali does not provide its services to publish porn sites, pirated mp3 or anything that violates copyright laws and life values
»  What are the consequences of breaking WebHostingBali terms of agreement?
  WebHostingBali will give warning(s) to any violation and if the violation continues, WebHostingBali holds the right to de-activate your web hosting account.
»  What is a domain transfer?
  Domain transfer is a process of switching DNS address (DNS Server) of your domain to the registering company where your domain name is registered.
»  How does transferring domain to WebHostingBali work?
  From the home page, click ‘subscribe -- > domain hosting’, then you go to ordering domain and select domain transfer. Complete the registration form and then we will give you a price confirmation. After payment, we will send an e-mail confirmation on your domain settings.
»  If I already have my own domain, what is the next step to subscribe a web hosting with WebHostingBali?
  After you sent the payment confirmation for the hosting package that you ordered, we will send our NameServer  setting for you to use. After a couple of hours you should be able to access your hosting.
»  If I’m experiencing technical problems, what technical support can I receive?
  We provide a 24 –hour service. You are welcome to contact us using the numerous support media that we have available such as E-mail, Online Chat, Y! Messenger, SMS, and our hotline. We will be happy to assist you.


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